Self Bunded Diesel Tanks

Refuelling & Storage
When every minute counts quick onsite diesel fueling is essential. Our Australian made diesel fuel tanks are built for long term reliability whilst withstanding tough onsite conditions. Manufactured from high quality materials and components these diesel tanks won't let you down.

Self Bunded Diesel Tank

The self bunded double-walled tank is an above-ground diesel storage solution. Suitable for agriculture, mining, construction, trade and many more industries where diesel is required to be stored and dispensed. The diesel tank is delivered set up with everything you need already factory fitted as standard. Safely store and dispense your diesel, knowing the self-bunded tank is a tank within a tank. It has double poly walls that prevent spills and leakage onsite. Australian made and built for the harsh Australian sun, and a poly tank won’t rust.
  • Tough UV stabilised polyethylene tank.
  • Bunding capacity 110%, complies with AS3780.
  • Impact resistant and non-rusting.
  • Lockable pump compartment.
  • Italian made diesel pump kits.
  • Auto shut-off dispensing nozzle (prevents overfilling).
  • 6 metres of delivery hose.
  • Features include: digital level indicator, bund alarm, 30 micron filter, flow meter, 2″ quick-fill connection.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Australian made.

Product Specifications

1000012 VoltRanger Series$28,900Show details
700012 VoltRanger Series$25,390Show details
10000240 VoltRanger Series$25,545Show details
7000240 VoltRanger Series$22,750Show details
500012 VoltRanger Series$23,600Show details
5000240 VoltRanger Series$20,450Show details
3300240 VoltRanger Series$20,500Show details
2300240 VoltRanger Series$17,500Show details
10000240 VoltEssential Series $18,250Show details
Bunded diesel fuel tank
Bunded diesel essential tank
Bunded diesel tank
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