Fire Fighting Pump

Diesel and Petrol Powered

1 & 1.5 Inch Fire Pumps

Our wide range of 1 and 1.5 inch fire pumps are ideal for water transferring, tree watering, washing down and backup fire protection in bushfire situations. Light weight and portable, our fire fighting pumps can be deployed and operated within minutes.

  • Fire Protection.
  • Water Transfer.
  • Wash Down.
  • Tree Watering.
  • Stock Watering.
  • Dust Suppression
1.5 Inch Honda Fire Fighter Pump

Product Specifications

ModelImpellerEngineMax Flow (lpm)PriceDetails
Aussie QP1SingleHonda GX25 - 1HP120$495Show details
Aussie UltraliteSingleHonda GXH50 - 2.5HP210$735Show details

2 Inch Fire Pumps

Honda fire fighting pumps Chief

The 2 inch Honda fire pumps are widely used throughout the Agricultural industry for fire fighting, water transfer, irrigation, washdown and dust suppression. Light weight and portable, our Honda fire fighting pumps can be deployed and operated within minutes. Perfect for drawing water from dams, creeks, water tanks and swimming pools.

  • Honda GX160 - GX390 engines.
  • 5 year warranty (pump wet end).
  • Self priming.
  • 330 to 550 litres per minute open flow.
  • 90m max head.
  • Skid feet and mounting frames.

Product Specifications

ModelImpellerEngineMax Flow (lpm)PriceDetails
Aussie Fire ChiefSingleHonda GX160 - 5.5HP450$850Show details
Aussie FiremanSingleHonda GP160 - 5.5HP450$850Show details
BE Fire Pump SSingleHonda GP200 - 6.5HP550$985Show details
Fire Commander - FrameSingleHonda GX200 - 6.5HP550$995Show details
Fire Commander - SkidSingleHonda GX200 - 6.5HP450$1,050Show details
Aussie Fire CaptainSingleHonda GX200 - 6.5HP450$1,195Show details
BE Fire Pump TTwinHonda GX200 - 6.5HP330$1,595Show details
Aussie Mr TTwinHonda GX270 - 9HP500$2,150Show details

3 & 4 Inch Fire Pumps

Aussie fire pumps are regarded as the world's finest portable high pressure self-priming pump.Aussie fire pumps are the Australian farmers fire pump and water transfer pump of choice. High quality components offers an ease of service that is welcomed amongst all industries.

  • Casing and impeller made from machine grade aluminium.
  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seal.
  • 5 year pump end warranty.
  • 3 year Honda GX engine warranty.
  • Electric start options
Honda Fire fighter fighting pump 3 4 inch

Product Specifications

ModelImpellerEngineMax Flow (lpm)PriceDetails
Aussie QP305SingleHonda GX160 - 5.5HP510$1,175Show details
Aussie QP305SLSingleHonda GX200 - 6.5HP510$1,650Show details
3" Aussie MrTTwinHonda GX390 - 13HP500$3,200Show details
4" Aussie MrTTwinHonda GX390 - 13HP795$9,275Show details

Diesel Fire Pumps

Fire fighting pumps diesel

The Aussie diesel fire pumps are built with high quality components. The pumps are primed to perfom for years of economical service. Diesel driven fire fighter pumps are safer to refuel during a bushfire emergency.

  • Casing and impeller made from machine grade aluminium.
  • Carbon ceramic mechanical seal.
  • 5 year pump end warranty.
  • 2 year Yanmar engine warranty.
  • Electric start options

Product Specifications

ModelImpellerEngineMax Flow (lpm)PriceDetails
Aussie QP205SLSingleYanmar - 4.8HP400$3,750Show details
Aussie QP205SLSingleYanmar - 7HP500$6,650Show details
Aussie QP305SLSingleYanmar - 7HP500$7,195Show details
Aussie QP205SLTwinYanmar - 10HP450$7,325Show details

Fire Fighting Pump

The most reliable and critical piece of equipment when fighting fire is your Pump. Choosing a quality performing fire pump guarantees you are not left critically stranded in the heat of the moment. Oxquip’s commitment to offer our customers the most powerful and highest quality performing Australian Made pumps and equipment is extended throughout our carefully selected pumping range and our relationship with Australia’s leading manufacturers of quality Australian made fire pumps and equipment.

Our range of genuine Honda, Yanmar and Powerease engines from Aussie Pumps, Davey Pumps and Bar Group are backed by a full Australian Manufactures Warranty. They are guaranteed to withstand the toughest of Australia’s conditions.

Powering our fire fighting units, these fire pumps can also be used for a range of other activities. Including; water transfer, firefighting, irrigation, stock watering and chemical transfer. (models vary and seal kits required for chemical). Our Honda fire fighting pump range is available in 1 inch 1.5 inch 2 inch 3 inch and 4 inch inlet and outlet ports and operating using petrol and diesel these pumps are fast priming with high head and maximum flow rates. The fire and water pump range extends across Honda engines - GX25, GX50, GX160, GX200, GX270 and GX390 , in both single and twin impeller.

Aussie Pumps Fire Chief, Fireman and Fire Captain fire pump have a huge 5 year warranty on the pump end. They deliver expectation pump performance and water pressure. Aussie Pumps Fire Chief is Australia’s number one portable fire pump and has sold over 20,000 units.

Our friendly team would be happy to assist you with any questions or helping you select the right fire pump for your individual requirements.

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