Industrial Diesel Heater

Diesel Heaters

Workshops, Sheds & Outdoor Spaces

Radiant and infrared diesel heaters can be used for heating work environments, sheds and warehouses dust-free drying of walls or paints, defrosting machinery or pipelines, and a range of other outdoor actives. Providing a portable heating solution the BE diesel heater range has advanced safety and shut off features.

  • Workshop, Shed, Garage, Drying & Defrosting

  • Multi fuel heaters - Diesel, 240V & Lithium Battery.

  • SilentDrive® technology to produce half the noise of a comparable heater.

  • Combine forced air heat with radiant heat.

  • Safety features including overheat shut-off system and error indicator light.

  • Ergonomic, portable and lightweight diesel heaters with trolley's.

Industrial Diesel Heater for Workshop and Shed

Product Specifications

Heating AreaPower SupplyTank CapacityConsumptionOperating HoursPriceDetails
186 sqm240V15.1 Litre2 l/h7 Hours$795Show details
135 sqm240V11 Litre1.6 l/h7 Hours$1,695Show details
290 sqm240V53 Litre3.4 l/h20 Hours$1,995Show details
135 sqm240V, Lithium Battery11 Litre1.6 l/h7 Hours$1,999Show details
325 sqm240V60 Litre2.7 l/h, 4.03 l/h14 Hours, 21 Hours$4,610Show details
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