Spray Guns

Spray Guns And Lances

We have a wide range of spraying guns and lances. Whether you have a small 12 volt spot sprayer or or high pressure motorised field sprayer unit we have a spray gun or lance for your needs.
  • High quality lances and guns.
  • Suitable with, Herbicides, Pesticides and Fungicide.
  • Replacement parts available.
  • 10mm barb hosetails.
  • Full warranty.

Codes ending in ST include Swivel for preventing hose tangle.

Spray gun and spraying lance

Product Specifications

AHL009850mm100$65Show details
AHL002T760mm145$70Show details
AHG110T700mm350$98Show details
AHL003T1150mm145$110Show details
AHG112T740mm250$120Show details
AHG101T445mm400$120Show details
AHG110ST700mm300$180Show details
AHG102ST400mm725$200Show details
AHG111ST840mm300$210Show details
AHG103ST400mm725$240Show details
AHG104ST180mm580$250Show details
AHG107ST700mm800$380Show details
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