Fire Fighting Hose

Canvas Fire Hose

Lightweight and very easy to handle and quick to deploy. Excalibur Layflat Fire Hose Kit is supplied with a shut-off nozzle and fitted couplings. Due to Excalibur’s synthetic construction it is mildew resistant and therefore maintenance free.

  •  Domestic and Comercial use.
  • Australian made.
  • Australian standards AS2792 – 1992.
  • High pressure 3500 kPa +.
  • Genuine woven “Canvas” type fire hose.
  • Adjustable fire fighting nozzle.
  • Secure stainless steel clamps.
  • Mildew resistant for long life.
  • Class M fire hose.
Fire fighting hoses

Product Specifications

1" x 20 metres$265Show details
1.5" x 20 metres$275Show details
1" x 30 metres$335Show details
1.5" x 30 metres$365Show details

PVC Fire Hose

Fire Fighting Hose

High quality, heavy duty fire fighting hose with adjustable nozzle giving a jet spray or wide fan spray.

  • Australian standards AS1221.
  • 205 psi.
  • Adjustable twist-action fire fighting nozzle.
  • 25mm BSP female thread hose tail connector.
  • UV stabilised.

Product Specifications

19mm x 25 metres$200Show details
19mm x 36 metres$235Show details

Pump Suction Hose

Fitting quickly and easily to the suction port of fire pumps. Flexible hose for easy handling and storage. Fitted with a strainer to keep out leaves and debris.

  • Rugged PVC suction hose.
  • Female BSP connector.
  • Fitted with strainer.
  • Resistant to kinking.
Grey suction hose for water fire pump

Product Specifications

1" x 5 metres$100Show details
1.5" x 5 metres$140Show details
2" x 5 metres$165Show details
2" x 10 metres$295Show details
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